Nothing defines the architectural style of your home as much as the siding. For a new house the siding defines the home’s beauty. For your existing home, properly selected replacement siding can change and improve its looks. The wide range of siding, material, color, shapes and sizes offer a multitude of changes that can enhance or alter your home’s architectural style and improve its appeal. With so much that can be done it is recommended that for the best possible job an expert familiar with home siding be asked for advice, an expert such as one of our representatives. (Hint: For re-siding jobs, it is best to determine if window replacement is called for, and if so, then the windows should be replaced before siding.)>

Quality of New Siding Materials

>There is an amazing range of sidings available to the homeowner and they are vastly superior in durability, weather resistance and pest resistance to products available just a few years ago. A selection may be made from a broad range of appearances that are priced attractively, warranted for long periods and very good looking.

Facts About Siding
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Custom Home Improvement carries the following brands of siding:

  • Wolverine technologies
  • Certainteed
  • Napco
  • Alcoa
  • Nailite
  • Reynolds
Yes, Custom Home Improvements is your best choice for a quality installation. Over 80% of our jobs come from referrals.
Everything fades under the sun! However, the technology involved in making vinyl siding has come quite a way. While fading, for now, is a fact of life in siding as it is with everything, technological advances in manufacturing have found ways to help slow the fading of vinyl siding. Abnormal fading of a siding panel is characterized by variated fading within a siding job, or simply a quick change of color from one season to the next. Abnormal fading is covered under warranty by the manufacturer.
Well, yes and no. Once again, our friend the sun plays havoc with everything it touches. The sun’s ultraviolet rays cause a molecular chalking effect that is completely normal. Chalking can be controlled, though. If the siding is washed twice a year it will maintain its luster longer. Washing vinyl siding consists of spraying the siding with a normal garden hose and a siding washer attachment connected to it. A siding washer attachment is simply a bottle of special chemicals, like car wash detergent, formulated for siding.
Siding thickness varies greatly between manufacturers and the panels they make. Generally vinyl siding falls between .040” to .045” and some panels boast a hefty .055” thickness.
By holding and looking down the panel you will get the profile look of a siding panel. The profile of a siding panel normally refers to the laps and butt of the panel. A double 4” panel would be a panel with an 8” exposure comprising of two 4” laps that would be separated by a butt. A double 5” panel would be a  panel with a 10” exposure comprising of two 5” laps that would be separated by a butt.
Siding manufacturers will try to produce a little of every profile to be different, but the most popular profiles are as follows:


  • Double 4”
  • Double 4.5”
  • Double 4.5” Dutchlap
  • Double 5”
  • Triple 3”
  • Straight 8″


  • Board and Button

Here are the standard colors available by most or our manufacturers. We offer a wide selection of shades and colors.

  • Wicker
  • Pebblestone Clay
  • Sage
  • Village Green
  • Everest
  • Silver Grey
  • Victorian Grey
  • Harbor Grey
  • White
  • Linen
  • Almond
  • Classic Cream
  • Colonial Yellow
  • Cameo
  • Sandtone
  • Desert Sand


Exclusive Cedar Look

  • American Walnut
  • Timber Stone
  • Natural Cedar
  • Aspen Grey
  • Cape Cod Grey
  • Glacier Blue
  • Woodland Green


Premium Colors

  • Redwood
  • Sawmill
  • Pine Needle

There are a wide range of accents, from window & door surrounds, to shutters, bable vents & sunbursts to beautify your home.